Supporting Our Customers With The Latest Technology In Paving

Supporting Our Customers With The Latest Technology In Milling



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Paving Technologies

The power of precision

  • ECONOMIZER and ASPHALT MANAGER help measure and control compaction
  • ECOMODE helps reduce operating costs
  • MAGMALIFE is the most effective screed heater on the market
  • FRAME RAISE and Three-Point Suspension system simplify operation and provide effortless control while offering the best mat quality
  • Comfortable and safe operating platform with SIDEVIEW that pivots the seat 45˚
  • Low operating costs with long-life wear warranties and common parts

Key Features

  • Self-adjusting track tensioning system
  • Automatically maintains proper track tensioning
  • Prevents detracking
  • Increases track life
  • Increases machine uptime
  • Guaranteed for up to 3,000 hours to lower operating costs

Milling Technologies

The power of precision

  • Built for outstanding productivity
  • Maximum output, regardless of roller size
  • Long service life of all components
  • Large drum thickness so milling drum has far less vibration
  • High-quality carbide cutting tools
  • Quick and easy holder replacement

  • Elimination of fine dust (PM 2.5, PM 10), up to 80%
  • Removes dust from air, rather than transferring with conventional systems
  • BOMAG exclusive solution
  • Converts fine particles to “regular” dust
  • Fine dust particles are positively charged and are no longer airborne
  • No filters in system
  • Significantly reduces pollution from road recycling
  • Helps create a sustainable construction site

Schedule a demo, get a FREE speaker

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